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80 scenic spots in Inner Mongolia free of admission

2024-03-29 (goinnermongolia.com.cn)

To attract more tourists, a total of 80 A-level tourist attractions in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region will waive general admission entrance fees from April 1 to Dec 31.

These 80 tourist attractions are situated across various regions, including Hohhot city, Baotou city, Hulunbuir city, Hinggan League, Tongliao city, Chifeng city, Xiliin Gol League, Ulaanqab city, Ordos city, Bayannuur city, Wuhai city, and Alshaa League.

At the same time, from May 1 to Dec 31, Inner Mongolia will provide incentives to travel agencies from outside the autonomous region that guide visitors here.

Incentive criteria

1. Attracting Tourists

For travel agencies that attract 500 or more tourists from other provinces to travel in Inner Mongolia for two nights and three days or longer (accommodation in hotels or homestays above three stars) within a one-year period, a reward of 50 yuan ($6.9) multiplied by the number of tourists will be given.

Throughout the year, travel agencies that attract 200 or more overseas tourists to travel in Inner Mongolia for three nights and four days or longer will receive a reward of 150 yuan multiplied by the number of tourists.

2. Charter Flights for Tourism

If a travel agency leads a tour group to visit Inner Mongolia, it will be rewarded 5,000 yuan per flight with 30 or more tourists; 10,000 yuan for each flight with 60 or more tourists; 15,000 million yuan for each flight with 90 or more tourists; and 20,000 yuan for each flight with 120 or more tourists.

If a travel agency leads tourists from overseas to visit Inner Mongolia, it will be rewarded 50,000 yuan for each flight with 100 or more tourists.

3. Tourism Special Trains

If a travel agency leads a group of 400 or more tourists to tour Inner Mongolia by special train, it will be given a reward of 30,000 yuan per train.

If a travel agency leads a group of 300 or more tourists to tour Inner Mongolia by special train, it will be given a reward of 50,000 yuan per train.


1. From May 1 to Oct 15, the incentives will be implemented according to the above standards. From Oct 16 to Dec 31, the incentives will be implemented with a 30-percent increase based on the above reward standards.

2. The maximum annual reward for each travel agency cannot exceed 1 million yuan.

3. In 2024, the total reward for all participating travel agencies cannot exceed 10 million yuan. Incentives will be paid according to tour group departure times until the allotted funds have run out.


The Naobao Village Tourist Area in Hohhot city. [Photo provided to goinnermongolia.com.cn]


Juungar Temple in Ordos city. [Photo provided to goinnermongolia.com.cn]

8.作品:朵朵葵花向阳开(包头城中草原赛罕塔拉拍摄)     作者:宝金 13847290851. (8)_副本_副本.jpg

Saikhantal Urban Grassland in Baotou city. [Photo provided to goinnermongolia.com.cn]


The Dream Desert Auto Aviation Park in Alshaa League. [Photo provided to goinnermongolia.com.cn]


Beizi Temple Scenic Area in Xiliin Gol League. [Photo provided to goinnermongolia.com.cn]


The Ancient Elm Garden Scenic Area in Kailu county, Tongliao city. [Photo provided to goinnermongolia.com.cn]


Yuxi Park in Yakeshi city, Hulunbuir. [Photo provided to goinnermongolia.com.cn]


Arxan Resort in Hinggan League. [Photo provided to goinnermongolia.com.cn]