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Inner Mongolia releases 10 autumn travel routes

2023-09-22 (


Inner Mongolia Cultural and Tourism Department announced 10 boutique travel routes for the autumn season and introduced several trains specifically designed for autumn travel on Sept 14.

One of the highlights is the "Golden Poplar Photography Tour in Ejine Banner, Alshaa League," allowing travelers to enjoy the golden romance of poplar trees in the fall.

Meanwhile, Hulunbuir city is offering the "Hinggan Forest Drive to Explore Autumn," giving people the chance to immerse themselves in the vast autumnal forests.

In the border areas of Hulunbuir, the "Golden Autumn Border Exploration of Russian-Mongolian Culture" provides an opportunity to experience the exotic charm of the border trade zone.

In Hinggan League, visitors are offered a chance to appreciate the beautiful scenery of its maple forests, Tianchi Lake, and the Greater Hinggan Mountains.

To meet the holiday travel demand in autumn, Inner Mongolia has launched several tourist train services such as the "Hulunbuir Express," "Grassland Star," and "Ulaanqab Express."

The "Hulunbuir Express" has been operating since Aug 28, departing from Hailar district in Hulunbuir, and passing through the northern forests of the city.

The "Grassland Star" will run from Sept 27 to Oct 15, departing from Hohhot and heading to Ejine Banner, with one daily departure.

The "Ulaanqab Express" departs from Beijing and arrives in Ulaanqab, running from Sept 29 to Oct 3.

Wei Zhiguo, vice director of the Inner Mongolia Cultural and Tourism Department, revealed that by the end of August, Inner Mongolia had received 155 million domestic tourist visits this year, generating revenue of 229.8 billion yuan ($32.78 billion). It also received 110,000 tourist visits from Russia and 684,000 from Mongolia.