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Alshaa Right Banner: On track toward economic construction, urbanization


Alshaa Right Banner is located in the middle of Alshaa League and covers a total area of 73,000 square kilometers.

Alshaa Left Banner: A profile and history


Alshaa Left Banner borders Ningxia in the east, Gansu in the west and south, and Mongolia in the north, with a border line of 188.7 kilometers.

Ejine Banner


Ejine Banner is located in the westernmost part of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, bordering Alshaa Right Banner to the southeast, Gansu province to the west and southwest, and Mongolia to the north.

Alshaa High-tech Industrial Development Zone


Alshaa High-tech Industrial Development Zone and its surrounding areas are rich in mineral resources. There are 86 mineral deposits, with a total of 416 producing areas.

Ceke Port


Ceke Port, located near the boundary pillar 572 on the border between China and Mongolia, is an international channel open to the north for Alshaa League.