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Alshaa embraces green path, paves way for carbon innovation

Updated: 2024-01-03

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The Alshaa High-tech Industrial Development Zone. [Photo/Alshaa League Convergence Media Center]

Alshaa League in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region is helping traditional enterprises to accelerate industrial upgrading and energy transformation while also encouraging companies to pursue green and low-carbon circular development.

It actively responding to the national "dual carbon" strategy and adopting measures include developing green and energy-efficient benchmark enterprises, implementing energy-saving and carbon reduction reforms for key enterprises, and making better use of resources.

Zhongsheng Technology Co's low-carbon hydrogen-rich metallurgical project in Alshaa High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Inner Mongolia utilizes existing vertical furnace oxidized pellets as raw materials, coke oven gas as an energy source, and coke fines as a reducing agent.

It has replaced coal in the traditional rotary kiln reduction process, producing high-quality metallic pellets and effectively reducing the consumption of fossil energy. This had led to an overall carbon reduction and allowed for more efficient utilization of coke oven by-products.

The project is expected to commence trial operations in May this year. After completion, the energy consumption of each ton of metallic pellets will be reduced by 274.55 kilograms of standard coal compared to traditional blast furnace ironmaking. With an annual production of 480,000 metric tons of metallic pellets, it will reduce standard coal use by 130,000 tons per year.