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Alshaa boasts improved ecology, wildlife on the rise

Updated: 2023-12-20

[Video provided to goinnermongolia.com.cn] 

Within the Helan Mountain National Nature Reserve in Alshaa League, North China's Inner Mongolia, there are 75 species of nationally protected wildlife.

That list covers 13 species of first-class protected wildlife, including three mammals: the snow leopard, musk deer, and Pallas's cat.

There are also 62 species of second-class protected wildlife, including the following nine mammals: the lynx, pika, leopard cat, sika deer, argali sheep, Helan Mountain pika, stone marten, red fox, and sand fox.

The Helan Mountain region embodies the unique charm of Northwest China. Its majestic peaks and valleys, clear and gentle waters, and lush forests create a huge ecological barrier that safeguards the vital throat of this region.

This nurturing environment has given rise to a flourishing natural ecosystem, supporting the abundant and magical wildlife in Alshaa League.