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5G, autonomous driving empower intelligent development at Ceke Port

Updated: 2023-10-13


Trucks wait for customs clearance at Ceke Port. [Photo/WeChat account of Alshaa Broadcasting and TV Station]

The "5G+ unmanned driving" technology has greatly improved the intelligent development at Ceke Port in Alshaa League, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

In December 2022, the Inner Mongolia branch of China Mobile Communication Group Co successfully conducted a trial run of the first intelligent heavy-duty truck "autonomous driving" project powered by "5G+ autonomous driving" technology at Ceke Port, making it the first land port in China capable of achieving "autonomous driving" and intelligent vehicle dispatching.

In order to achieve the autonomous driving of cross-border heavy-duty trucks at the port, the company has established and activated 12 dedicated 5G base stations to support the intelligent driving heavy-duty truck project launched by Inner Mongolia Zhongce E-commerce Co.

"Only through the use of China Mobile's 5G private network can we ensure real-time network communication with ultra-low latency between vehicles and the dispatching center, meeting the requirements of precise docking, automatic loading and unloading, parking avoidance, and remote control for container transport vehicles," said Zhang Tao, deputy general manager of Inner Mongolia Zhongce E-commerce Co.

Intelligent heavy-duty trucks rely on the collaboration of 5G, artificial intelligence, visual computing, radar, monitoring devices, and global positioning systems to allow computers to operate motor vehicles automatically and safely.

By the end of September, Ceke Port had accumulated a total clearance cargo volume of 12.46 million metric tons, with a trade value exceeding 8.2 billion yuan ($1.12 billion).