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Path to a greener future: Alshaa ecological environment continues to improve

Updated: 2023-07-25


Green trees and yellow grass are everywhere in the Helan Mountain National Nature Reserve in Alshaa, Inner Mongolia. [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]

In Alshaa League, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, an incredible success story unfolds as the local community embraces ecological conservation.

Through dedicated efforts, the local ecosystem continues to flourish. With increased awareness and sustainable practices, this beautiful land serves as a testament to the power of human stewardship.

Helan Mountain, the "mother mountain" of Alshaa, serves as a natural ecological barrier in western China. Its environment directly affects the ecological security of the Yellow River, Ningxia Plain, Hetao Plain, Northwest China, and North China.

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Helan Mountain National Nature Reserve is restoring its green vitality. [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]  

Through the local government's continuous strengthening of ecological management and restoration, the forest area of Helan Mountain has increased from 368,000 mu (24,533 hectares) in the past to 582,000 mu, and the forest coverage rate has increased from 31.6 percent to 57.3 percent.

The number of wild rock sheep has jumped from 16,000 to more than 50,000, and the number of Alshaa red deer has more than tripled from 2,000 to over 7,000.

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Rock sheep, a national second-level protected animal, are pictured in Helan Mountain. [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]