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Baotou boasts well-appointed venues for horse events

Updated: 2023-09-18

With the goal of creating a "China Horse City", Baotou has accelerated construction on racecourses this year. So far, a speed racecourse at the Saikhantal Urban Grassland, equestrian triathlon racecourse at Olympic Sports Park, and other supporting facilities have been gradually improved.

The speed racecourse at Saikhantal Urban Grassland has a track with a length of 1,800 meters and a width of 25 meters. There are all kinds of supporting facilities, such as stables and a horse drying field.

Bai Xiaolong, a rider from Hinggan League in North China's Inner Mongolia, started bathing his horse after training. He said, "The speed racecourse is well-suited for horses. We will participate in a competition in Darhan Muminggan Joint Banner in Baotou on Sept 19."

The speed racecourse started construction at the beginning of May, was put into use in mid-July, and has already held a number of events.

Hao Yuduo, chairman of Baotou Horse City Tourism Culture Co, said, "In the near future, we will set up an equestrian school to provide high-quality services for riders and horses. Moving forward, we intend to build a 90 x 180-meter polo field in the middle of the racecourse and an 80 x 90-meter equestrian training complex."

Baotou also boasts an equestrian triathlon racecourse at the Olympic Sports Park. The venue is equipped with a 5,400-square-meter steeplechase arena and dressage arena, a 2,400-square-meter warm-up arena, a 4-kilometer cross-country arena, and a 2,450-square-meter indoor horse pavilion.