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Baotou's ancient street attracts hordes of visitors

Updated: 2023-08-10


The entrance of Baotou Golden Street. [Photo/Baotou news network]


Many visitors and residents visit the street. [Photo/Baotou news network]

On this popular tourist street in Baotou, people can listen to Chinese operas, drink tea, and enjoy the nocturnal scenery.

Baotou Golden Street provides visitors with a solid platform to enjoy cultural exchanges, and enrich their understanding of local business and folk culture.


Ancient-style elements abound in Baotou Golden Street. [Photo/Baotou news network]

As a new landmark representing the deep integration of culture and tourism, Baotou Golden Street opened on Aug 5, with 60,000 people showing up on the first day alone.

"I bought some cultural and creative products to take home. They are very attractive," said one tourist from Hebei province who gave his surname as Tang.

Here, visitors can taste the authentic Baotou gruel of millet flour and sugar, and buy unique souvenirs with golden street characteristics.

"From the local culture, we know that Baotou is a city based on commerce, so we worked with Baotou Culture and Tourism Group to create sculptures of a merchant and a small camel wearing Mongolian costumes, for use as a souvenir," said Shi Xiaoxiao, a souvenir designer of Zhongjian Culture and Tourism Development Co.