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Baotou attracts investment, services for enterprises

Updated: 2023-06-06

In a recent endeavor aimed at propelling progress and growth, Baotou has expedited the introduction of new resources, diligently fine-tuning the business environment to foster an atmosphere of enhanced efficiency and ease. Additionally, the city has diligently pursued the integration of industries, enterprises, and talents, forging a cohesive ecosystem that fosters collaboration and synergy among key stakeholders.

Qingshan district in Baotou has announced its plans to build a 100-billion-yuan ($14.08 billion) cluster, a 50-billion-yuan cluster, and a 2-billion-yuan cluster. In the existing advantageous industrial chain, such as photovoltaic, the district is scheduled to expand to the semiconductor silicon industry and introduce high-quality projects.

Focusing on key industries such as rare earth, photovoltaic, wind power, and energy storage, the Baotou Rare Earth High-tech Industrial Development Zone has set up ten investment promotion groups to attract investment, connecting with top 500 enterprises, listed companies, and emerging enterprises.

Baotou this year is expected to focus on introducing more than 30 leading talent teams and over 200 doctors and masters.

With unwavering dedication, the city remains steadfast in its commitment to alleviate the tax burden faced by private enterprises, ensuring a favorable business environment conducive to their growth and prosperity. Moreover, the city authorities are resolute in their efforts to strengthen land supply and fortify energy security for them, providing the necessary resources and infrastructure to support the operations of private enterprises and propel their sustained development.

Additionally, Baotou procuratorial organs will urge the progress of enterprise-related cases and complete related processes within seven days. The municipal intermediate people's court will announce technical investigators and expert jurors to partake in technical cases to improve trial efficiency for enterprise-related cases. Baotou will also establish a key industrial chain legal alliance to provide legal services in different fields.