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Baotou to renovate over 190 old communities

Updated: 2023-05-16

Workers were busy around the clock with shovels on the ground in front of a building in the community of Qingshan district, Baotou, on May 11.

"Seeing the renovation renderings, I am really looking forward to it. This community will become more and more livable," said a community resident.

This year, Baotou will renovate 192 old communities, benefiting 52,100 households.

Up to now, 15 projects have been started, and the remaining projects are expected to be started by the end of May at the latest and completed by the end of December.

Notably, this year's construction will be carried out by division of subsection to reduce the impact of construction on the everyday life of residents.

"We will combine characteristic culture with landscape enhancement and preserve the cultural gene of the old community by adding landscape sketches, creating cultural landscape walls, and other ways to form a unique transformation effect," introduced by an official of the project site headquarters.