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Baotou drives visitors to explore rich culture, history

Updated: 2023-05-09

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Luming Magazine is exhibited in Baotou. [Photo/WeChat account of Baotou office of internet and information]

Baotou set up a new art bus line on May 7, connecting famous scenic spots of Baotou art and culture.

The first stop is the Luming Periodical Office, where residents and visitors can read the Luming Magazine, which records the history of the city's development.

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Children imitate art works shown at the Baotou Art Museum. [Photo/WeChat account of Baotou office of internet and information]

The second stop is the Baotou Art Museum, where you can enjoy the collection of many masterpieces.

In addition to visual enjoyment, the auditory range of cultural sites is also listed. Tule Crosstalk Club, created by outstanding representatives of Baotou's new art group, is the third stop. Crosstalk and the Chinese folk art forms combine tradition with innovation here.

Next, the bus will travel to the West China Photography Center. Grassland, Mongolian people, and horses photographed by Wang Zhengping, winner of the China Photography Golden Award, are on display here.

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The tent is decorated with paper cuttings. [Photo/WeChat account of Baotou office of internet and information]

In addition to Mongolian culture, Baotou preserves paper-cutting, one of the Chinese intangible cultural heritages. The fifth station is set up in the National Culture Center of Donghe District, which boasts a famous tent decorated with paper cuttings. Different from the small paper cuttings we used to see, the paper cuttings here combine architectural elements to form a three-dimensional paper-cutting art extending to the six-meter-high roof. This large-scale hand-made decoration is the first of its kind in China.

The terminus is Molin Courtyard, where visitors can rest and taste cuisines.

Visitors can follow the WeChat account of the Baotou municipal federation or scan the QR code to sign up. It is reported that the city will open more such lines.

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The OR code is provided for visitors and residents to sign up. [Photo/WeChat account of Baotou office of internet and information]